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Chanshan Temple Fahua Tower Yu Rang Bridge Martyr Cemetery of General Zuo Quan Guanyin Hall Shanhua Temple
Tianning Temple
Introduction:Covering an area of 6680 square meters, the Tianning Temple is located o­n the
Grotto of Xiangtang Temple
Introduction:The Grotto of Xiangtang Temple lies in the Miaoling Hill, 5 kilometers southwest of
Martyr Cemetery of General Zuo Quan
Introduction:The Martyr Cemetery of General Zuo Quan is located in the North Street of Zuoquan C
Yiji Goddess Temple
Introduction:Yiji Goddess Temple is situated in the east of Heshan Village in Heshun County, 15
Zuoquan Miaotian Beauty Spot
Introduction:As a well-known revolutionary commemorative place, the Zuoquan Miaotian Beauty Spot
Wenfeng Tower
Introduction:The Wenfeng Tower is located in the Xun Mountain, 1 kilometer southeast of Yushe Co
Yunlong Mountain
Introduction:The Yunlong Mountain is located in the west of Heshun County. A park was built in t
Jingsheng Town
Introduction:The Jingsheng Town is located at the foot of Mian Mountain, 12 kilometers northeast
Zifu Temple
Introduction:The Zifu Temple is located in the west hummock of Xiachiyu Village, 4 kilometers no
Zishou Temple
Introduction:The Zishou Temple, originally called Suxi Temple, is situated in the west of Suxi V
Deng Xiaoping’ Former Residence near The Taihang Mountain
Introduction:Deng Xiaoping’ Former Residence is located in the Matian Village of Matian Town i
Metrology Museum
Introduction:Located in the Qi County of Shanxi Province, the Metrology Museum was newly built a
Eco-agriculture Garden in Xiyang Dazhai Village
Introduction:Dazhai Village, a beautiful garden village in the Xiyang County, covering an area o
Chong’an Temple
Introduction:Situated in the Wolonggang of Lingchuan County, the Chong'an Temple is a key cu
Sanjin Merchant’s Family Museum
Introduction:Located in the north side of the North Street, the Sanjin Merchant’s Family Museu
Huang’annao Beauty Spot
Introduction:The Huang’annao Beauty Spot is situated in the Nanyan Village of Gaoluo Town in t
Shi's Compound
Introduction:The Shi's Compound lies in the Shijiagou Village of the Sengnian Town, 5 kilome
Wujin Mountain
Introduction:The Wujin Mountain, also called "Longwang Mountain", is located in the Han Mountain
Aoshen Building
Introduction:The Aoshen Building is situated in the Guanshun Street, north of the Jiexiu County,
Jingxin Temple
Introduction:The Jingxin Temple lies in the southwest of the Yangyi Village, 10 kilometers south
Shigao Mountain
Introduction:With a height of 2532 meters and as o­ne of the main mountains of Taiyue Mounta
Sanduo Hall
Introduction:Also known as the Cao’ Compound, the Sanduo Hall is located in the northern part
Qingxu Attic
Introduction:Bulit in the Ming Dynasty, the Qingxu Attic lies in the Nanguan of Yuci City. It is
Qingliang Temple
Introduction:Built in the Ming and Qing Dynasty, the Qingliang Temple, is located in the Qinglia
Bingxian Arch
Introduction:The Bingxian Archway is located in the north of Zhonghe Street in the Chengguan Tow
Chanshan Temple
Introduction:Originally built in the Tang Dynasty and rebuilt in the Yuan Dynasty, the Chanshan
Mao'erling Hill Tumulus Complex
Introduction:Located in the Mao'erling Hill east of the Yuci City, the Mao'erling Hill T
Kong Xiangxi’s Compound
Introduction:Located in the Taigu Normal University, west of the Wubian Temple in the Taigu City
Jie Zitui Temple
Introduction:The Jie Zitui Temple lies in the Zhanghao Village of the Lingshi County, Shanxi Pro
Hongshan Headspring
Introduction:Hongshan Headspring, formerly called Yuzu Spring, is located at the foot of Hongsha
Houtu Temple
Introduction:Located in the northwest of the Jiexiu County, the Houtu Temple is a Taoist temple.
Fuxiang Temple
Introduction:Originally built in the Tang Dynasty, the Fuxiang Temple is located in the Yanliang
The Greatest Aerolite
Introduction:Also named Lingshi Stone, the Greatest Aerolite lies in the Lvzu Temple, north gate
Shrine of Revolution-Matian
Introduction:45 kilometers south of the Zuoquan County, the Matian Town is o­ne of the strat
Chang's Compound
Introduction:The Chang's Compound lies in the Chewang Village of Dongyang Town, 17.5 kilomet
Dazhai Village
Introduction:Dazhai Village, a beautiful garden village in the Xiyang County, covering an area o
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